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How is this disease/syndrome inherited ?

This being a Human Genetics course, we are going to concentrate on the Genetics/Birth Defects section of MedLine Plus for our first writing assignment:
Your mission is to pick a disease/syndrome from this web page, any disease/syndrome, and write at least 1,000 words about it. Specifically, I expect you to do the following:* Introduce the subject in terms your mother would understand.* The main section of the paper should describe in more detail IN YOUR OWN WORDS what exactly is known about the disease/syndrome, and should tell what treatment, if any, is available.
** Finally, conclude with some conclusions. Tell us about ongoing research, potential treatments in clinical trials, etc… where possible.
Writing Assignment Rubric: Introduction, Symptoms , Age-of-onset , How many people are affected? , Main Section Talk about the current knowledge of the disease/ syndrome ,What treatments are available? ,Is this the result of one or many genes? How is this disease/syndrome inherited (e.g. autosomal, Xlinked, recessive,unknown, (etc.), Conclusion: Ongoing research ,Potential treatments ,Key research groups looking into potential cures
Formatting: double-spaced, 12-pt font, 1-inch margins

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