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how humans threaten the biosphere

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Term Paper: Section 1.2 of your textbook describes how humans threaten the biosphere, and asks the question “How many humans are there?” As a group, come up with a list of what you think are the “Top Ten” threats related to human population increases. Be specific. For example, not “global warming” but rather, “a rise in sea level caused by polar ice cap melting, due to fossil fuel burning and the greenhouse effect, resulting in…” Choose your “Top Ten” carefully – they’ll be used as topics for your term paper next week!
Please ensure that each item has a few supporting details or reasons why this is part of your top ten. Also include any websites or references under each line item. These do not have to be complete sentences but bullet points. The more details you have now, the more your paper/project will flow and not be as much as a task to complete.

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