How Effective Is A Vegetarian Diet, Compared to Medication, In Controlling diabetes type II? | Cheap Nursing Papers

How Effective Is A Vegetarian Diet, Compared to Medication, In Controlling diabetes type II?

Controlling Type II diabetes
Topic: In Patients With Type II diabetes, How Effective Is A Vegetarian Diet, Compared to Medication, In Controlling The Disease?
Guidelines for this Capstone research paper. This research paper is a capstone paper for a MPAS (Masters in Physisician Assistant Studdies.
This is a literature review, and should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins, and composed in AMA format as outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Medical Association.
Sections of this research paper should include:
A) Abstract. The abstract must be on a separate single page and should be page 2 of your paper. Abstract should be no more than 200 words. Do not cite references in the abstract. Include the same headings as the remainder of the paper, including definition of major terms. Summary of key points. The abstract should briefly describe:
1) the background and focus of the paper;
2) the methods utilized;
3) a summary of the results;
4) conclusions.

B) Introduction. The introduction should convey the importance of the topic for clinical practice. The introduction must contain the PICO research question, (The title) which should be clearly, concisely, and coherently stated at the end of the introduction.

C) Background. To include epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic criteria, and management overview. This section should use a large variety of resources, preferably peer-reviewed texts and medical literature.

D) Methodology. This contains an explanation of the search strategy including search engine, search headings, inclusion/exclusion criteria, types of publications, and a listing of the articles chosen for the review.

E) Review of the Literature. This will be the main body of the paper and should report a comprehensive review/critique of the individual articles chosen to address the specific clinical question. Review of the literature using evidence based medicine (EBM) content should include peer-reviewed journal articles and studies and should be less than 5 years old.

F) Discussion. The discussion is a critical analysis of the literature related to the clinical question. It should include information on study validity to include types of studies, study groups, analysis of data. The results are further applied to patient care and the clinical scenario including similarities of the population, clinical outcomes, and harm/benefits.

G) Conclusion. Based on information presented, the conclusion is the student’s answer or
concluding insights to the research inquiry.

H) Reference list/Bibliography. The reference list must start on a separate page with a heading. References
should be typed, double-spaced and in order of appearance. References cited in the text must appear in the reference list and, conversely, each entry in the reference must be accurately cited in the text. All references must use AMA style.

Books and manuals utilized for background information should be oriented to medical, biomedical, or scientific writing.

There should be a mimimum of 15 references.

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