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how does garment affect emotion

how does garment affect emotion

Topic Description: 

topic : how fashion affect people in emotion? 


-confidence in attire

-first impression 

-agegroup : age branding 

case study on wwii > coco chanel ( how women’s wearing when they start to go out and work?)

case study > sense of human due to fabric eg. silk, denim 

                    > jean can wear during depression 

case study > Bhutan> what kind of clohts they wear /fabric?

                  > color/ religion / happy place to live

case study > color symbolic > choose 1 color 

happy job > what they wear to work 

textiles > wearing what during Friday TGIF

materiel > seasons

-light and temp > season 

-textile / prints / texture

-type of cloth / silhouette/ cutting 


-relationship between mood and textile  – does silk or denim affect or improve the mood   What cloth they wear to make them feel confident  For example  – little black dress for women  – new suit for men 

What make women happy in fashion and style ?   Philosopher  “Simon B’ debouvre”

Theory of emotion (experience) “Roland Barthes”

define what is emotion  (intro)

How people feel about what you wear? (conclusion)

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