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how can you write master’s research plan

despite the title, here you have all the informations needed to write a brief report for master’s research plan on management engineering.

i am a well engineering student. i have bachelore with owner in science of mechanical engineer. I graduated as upper seconed student with a grade of 2.9 .

However, the high education ministry offers some scholarships to japan for the students who want to complete their master’s. One of the specielities offerd is, Management Enginerring (MJ900) , which i want to apply for. since i studied the technical enginnering , so its a very good chance to study the managemnt side too, plus i have my own businss and i am into managemnt si this is defently going to be so helpfull for me.
the point is, they asked me to write a breif report about the master’s research plan , it can be anything , and it dosent neccessrly be the one that i will do at the end,

so i want tou to write a brief report not less then 500 wards about my plan for the research on managemnt engineering.

i provided you with all informations that you may need to start the report.

the report should be convenience so they can pick me for the offer.

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