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History about Energy Absorption

Option 2: Energy Absorption

When an automobile loses control at interstate speeds, a rapid change in energy occurs from kinetic energy into sound, heat, and other forms. When considering the forces involved in the crash between an automobile and a road barrier, increasing the time over which the force is applied, known as impulse, can significantly reduce the severity of injuries for the occupants of the vehicle.

The force, F, can be determined by measuring the acceleration, a, and mass, m, of the vehicle and the use of Equation 1, assuming the force between the vehicle and barrier is the only force acting on the vehicle at the time of the accident. The acceleration is a useful measurement to not only predict the forces on the occupant of the vehicle, but also can be used to create an estimated velocity through integration (opposite mathematical operation of differentiation).

Equation 1


The task for this project option is to create a safer barrier system for interstate highway speeds to maximize the time over which the crash occurs. Other factors that should be considered in the design of the system would be the maximum safe speed of a vehicle that crashes into your barrier, as well as whether the vehicle “rebounds” off of the barrier or stays in contact with the barrier.


  1. Barrier device should be fabricated to approximately a 1 inch equals 1 foot scale and at least 12 inches in the scaled length.
  2. Include a vehicle capable of carrying either a cell phone or the PASCO Force Acceleration Sensor (provided in the FEP Testing Lab)
  3. Include a barrier that is at least 12 inches in length at the scaled size
  4. Cost is limited to $20
  5. Recycled materials do not add to the total cost of your design, and the use of recycled materials is encouraged.
  6. Two iterations of the design will be constructed, tested and documented. Be sure to denote the improvements made to the design for each iteration. *Your design must improve with each iteration


The following items will be used during the testing of each iteration of your safer barrier

  1. 3-Axis Accelerometer (team members phone or FEP supplied PASCO sensor)
  2. Vehicle to transport and securely hold accelerometer
  3. Three duplicates of your safer barrier concept for repeat testing
  4. Team member phone with PASCO SparkVue App to record data
  5. Ramp (provided by FEP)

– Hello, i want you to do a “quick research ” and write one page double space Times new roman about this project, specifically about “the history of this project.

– use 2 sources, use MLA citation, and make sure it is only one page.

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