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health, nursing, and environment.

My first interest in caring for others came from a childhood experience. My grandfather was diagnosed with dementia at age 61. I keenly watched as his memory declined to the extent of forgetting close family members including myself. His forgetfulness worsened as the condition further deteriorated that he completely forgot his likes, common names and places. As my grandfather was struggling, I remember nurses visiting and providing exceptional care to my grandpa. They dressed in white uniforms and wore caps on their heads. They demonstrated tremendous compassion, dedication, and strength to the patient and family. Their compassion inspired me to become a nurse. Since then, my dream has been to become a nurse so that I can impact many lives. But as a successful nurse, one must develop his or her own personal philosophy.
My personal philosophy of nursing characterizes the nursing field employing the four metaparadigms of person, health, nursing, and environment. These four core concepts when delineated individually entail a number of

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