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This course has allowed me to learn many things especially concerning the nursing theories. Looking at the degree program which I completed many years ago, it seems like nursing theories is all I have been lacking in my nursing career as guidance on how to deal with patients and other nursing professionals. Learning of these theories has not only been an inspired me but also motivated on how to deal with various perspectives of health, education, leadership and practice.

The program has allowed me to have a greater knowledge on why these theories were created. On paying a close attention to various theorists, I have been able to understand that by taking precious time to define what nurses are expected to do make the nursing profession to be taken even more seriously. Today, it is important that we as the professionals in this field take the challenge and develop more theories that will lead to better patient satisfaction and outcome. Conducting vigorous nursing researches can help in this.

These theories have also allowed me to critically evaluate my own nursing career as an individual especially on the aspects of values, ethical principles, beliefs and standards that usually guide me in my career. This has enabled to realize my strengths and weaknesses and as a result is now able to make improvements where need be.

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