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Health Information Technology Discussion

RHIT Exam Preparation

Domain 6: Data Content, Structure, and Standards

Discuss at least 2 of the following

  • What is a board of directors? What is their responsibility?
  • Change Management and how do we help staff members adapt to change
  • Strategic planning vs. operational planning
  • Virtuoso teams
  • Scatter diagrams and how you determine if they are a positive, negative or no correlation
  • Histogram
  • Why do we form teams?
  • Conflict management
  • McGregor leadership style (talk about the theory)
  • Brainstorming
  • Nominal group technique
  • Utilization managemet
  • Donabedian quality indicators
  • Benchmarking
  • Six sigma and LEAN
  • Autonomy and Beneficence, ethics of justice
  • What are some discriminatory employment practices
  • Progressive penalties for employees
  • business continuity plan- what is it? why have it?
  • Why are performance standards used? what is an example?
  • What is shared leadership?
  • What does cultural competence mean?
  • How is the HIM department involved with the IRB
  • What is the AHIMA Code of Ethics?
  • What does CODM stand for?
  • What is Lewin’s change management model?
  • What is a check sheet used for?
  • What is a democratic leadership style?
  • Why is pay for performance used?
  • What does deemed status mean?
  • What is affinity grouping?
  • What is a medication reconciliation?
  • What is the difference between executive management, middle management and supervisory management?
  • What is the difference between exempt and nonexempt employees?
  • What is a graphic rating method?
  • What is a serial work division?
  • What is the difference between a policy and procedure?

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