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Health and medical fundamentals

1.Abbreviation’s help us shorten a word. Give me 3 examples of words with abbreviations. 1.) How do you recognize the

word? 2) what does the abbreviation mean?? Are they Upper Case or Lower Case? I do not want duplicate words please.

For example “NPO” means nothing to eat or drink” A patient is not to eat or drink anything either for testing or surgeries. Please think outside the box and avoid duplicate posts.

Measurements are very important to all Health care workers – I would like you to tell me two types of

Tell me what the measurement is that you chose to discuss. You will choose 2 types of measurements. 1.) Tell me what they are? 2.) What do they mean? 3.) How are they used? 4.) Why is that type of measurement used? Please think outside the box and avoid duplicate posts. : )

No plagiarism, don’t forget to do the citation of the source you got the information from.

2. From the book linked below do the following assignments.

  • Assignment 4.1: Chapter 10: End of Chapter Review Questions 1,2,3,6, & 9
  • Assignment 4.2: Chapter 11: End of Chapter Review Questions 2,4,5,8, & 9
  • Assignment 4.3: Chapter 12: End of Chapter Review Questions 1,3,5,7, & 8

For each question, write the question, your answer, and an explanation in your own words.

Thank you!

Answer have to be from the book. Minimum four sentences from each question. In MW document.

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Thank you

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