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HE320 Medical Sociology

HE320 Medical Sociology

Assignment 4

You are asked to find a newspaper article or peer-reviewed journal article

related to material covered in class or in the text and provide a written

analysis of the article that explores a medical sociological aspect of the ideas

or events depicted within the article. Within your written analysis, you need

to identify one of the first four course learning objectives presented in the

course (and listed below) and explain how this learning objective relates to

the article selected. When selecting your article, please make sure the article

identifies one of the subjects discussed within lessons one through four.

Response should be two pages long, submitted according to APA guidelines

with applicable reference page and title page (title page and reference page

not included in page count).

The four course learning objectives are provided below:

1. Identify and explore the socio-cultural aspects of health and illness,

specifically as relating to the definitions of health, illness, behavior,

and social epidemiology.

2. Describe and examine the social causes of disease and illness and

vaccinations due to race, clan, and ethnicity.

3. Explore the health professions and health institutions from the broader

perspectives provided by theory and research in the sociology of

occupations and complex organizations.

4. Identify the forces within the healthcare field and society as a whole

that leads to increased government participation in the delivery of

health care including the nature of health maintenance organizations

and managed care.

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