HCA440 WKU The Motivation Politics, Pressure And Vested Interests | Cheap Nursing Papers

HCA440 WKU The Motivation Politics, Pressure And Vested Interests

The problem has been identified, the data tell the story that change is needed, and a plan is created – but the staff is not on board. Maybe it is office politics, maybe there is pressure from “corporate” to keep things as is, maybe the change agent has a vested interest in the process but not the organization. Whatever the reason, there will always be resistance to change even in the most dysfunctional organizations.

Please watch the video below:

For this discussion, you will discuss your change management plans for your course project as well as the challenges that may be present. What you need to include:

  1. Provide a brief overview of the workplace problem from your course project.
  2. Share your plan to implement the solution. Please be detailed. How will you communicate, who will be on the implementation team, how will your train the staff on the new policy/procedure?
  3. Discuss at least 2 challenges that may occur in response to the change effort (note: please do not propose how you will address these – this will be completed by your peers.
  4. In the video, the author says “Change is less scary when you are driving, think about your passengers”. Please share what you think this means if you agree or disagree with the statement and why.

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