Hazards and Risks of Earthquake Environmental Disasters Paper | Cheap Nursing Papers

Hazards and Risks of Earthquake Environmental Disasters Paper

Choose ONLY one topic (earthquakes or volcanoes) to write a paper


The objectives of the term paper are for students to:

1) Share intellectual findings of a major theme in natural hazards with their instructor.

2) Gain experience writing a well-structured, grammatically correct, concise, coherent paper.

3) Learn how to locate journal articles and other supporting references.

4) Learn how to properly extract, use, and cite work that is not your own.

Single space( Full), in 12- pt font and in an appropriate style (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.).

Your paper must include:

1) Your name and a short title that provides the essence of the paper.

2) Introduction: Make sure the introduction clearly defines the overall direction of the paper.

3) Body (Evidence): Paragraphs that are linked together and flow nicely. (Be specific! why or what earthquakes/ volcanoes damage or risk for human life. DO NOT just includes types of earthquakes/ volcanoes are)

4) Conclusion: A paragraph or two that tie the whole paper together.

5) In-text citations/references: In your text, you must cite at least SIX different sources, three of

which must be from journal articles (e.g., “landforms in this valley are predominantly volcanic in origin. (Smith et al. 2014).”

6) Reference list: Use standard reference list format, such as one from a journal of your choice.

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