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Have millennials earned the critique or praise they Receive?

The research essay will be a cumulative demonstration of the research methods, evaluation, grammar, and devices taught and practiced in English 101. The essay ought to adequately demonstrate the concepts in the ’20 Rules;’ the course itself does have aggregate expectation (Bowen; 2015). The final essay must be in current APA format as demonstrated in this prompt, and also contain no fewer than 1250 words; this means: 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced with a reference page, cover letter and abstract.
Each research question must be actively stated, and as “concise as possible” (Bowen, para. 3, 2011). Although it is not realistically possible to actually answer the question and end a debate on a topic within the scope of English 101, each student must make an attempt to confidently write, present and defend his, or her thesis.

The Paper Itself

The research paper however, must utilize the course readings, and demonstrate proper citation (Bowen, 2011; Source, 2001). As the instructor, I strongly urge each student to utilize campus resources and to apply the pre-writing techniques covered in the course. Using the course documents and material read from week one to the present, students are to answer one of the following questions: Have Millennials earned the critique or praise they receive? Between college/ school, parents/ family and media, which has the most influence on a person’s behavior? Additional resources may be used, but no fewer than three sources from the course must be included as well.
Understand how all of the work included herein, is preparatory. In English 101, conclusions are not what is judged, neither is perfection. Progress, effort, understanding and engagement are the most important characteristics that can be developed, and also what is truly under the control of each student.
I remember some teachers and classes so vividly as a result of the positives and negatives that they brought to the classroom environment. One time in community college, I ran into a teacher who was an absolute brick-wall, but she was kind and patient and it was not until later in my academic career, did I learn how important is was for her to not lower the bar; and, it was not until years later that I understood her toughness was based on how great she really though her students could be.

Bowen, Andrew. (2011). Figure out how to cite stuff all by yourself. Each source itself is single-
spaced, but the gap between each source is double-space; also, there is a hanging-indent.

Course materials:




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