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Getting to Know You and Cultural Competence

Getting to Know You and Cultural Competence

First, provide a brief introduction of your professional background. Next, review the Office of Minority Health, National CLAS Standards located in the Web Resources area.

  1. Discuss your ethnic/cultural background (health perception and practices).
  2. Choose a different culture or ethnic group and discuss potential cultural/linguistic needs. Consider your food preferences, rituals, health beliefs, and any religious orientations that may influence patient care.
  3. Apply at least one CLAS Standard that supports the identified need and discuss the role of the advanced practice nurse in promoting culturally sensitive care.
  4. List all references in APA format (minimum 3 references)

Web Resources:

Please visit the below websites to enhance your knowledge of immunization schedules for all age groups, including the catch-up schedule, healthy people 2020 goals, clinical preventative services, and guidelines for genetic screening (legal, ethical and social issues, family history).

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