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getting into medical law

Dana Alostath

JRL 215

January 30, 2018

Marshall Kesterson

Marshall Kesterson he’s 20 years old. He loves doing graphic design and play video games. He is very active on twitter. And He loves watching Anime. Marshall is a Biology major and he is planning on getting into medical law. And he want’s to be a lower for Hospitals. He was born and raised in West Virginia. I Asked him where he wants to be when he graduates he Said he wants to move to Columbus Ohio. He has 1 younger brother and 2 male dogs. He lives with his two roommate which is his best friends. His graphic designs are mostly personal and for his family. He also does online Videos related to school. I asked him where do you see yourself in 10 years, He said he’s going to be married have 2 kids and a job that he loves. Overall it was a bit awkward experience because Marshal isn’t talkative that much that I had to ask him so many questions to get to an answer or I think I was a bit more excited and more talkative than him that I felt he doesn’t talk that much. I didn’t get that much of interesting information but I loved the interview and he seems like a nice respectful guy. I wouldn’t do anything different next time because interviewing someone is basically based on the person you’re interviewing if they talk much or if they’re less talkers if they’re willing to answer your question or if they get bored quick so it’s depends on the person and their personality. If I want to ask him three more questions it would be. Why did you take JRL 215? If you had one meal to eat for the rest of your life what would it be? What do you think about social media now a days?

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