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geology volcano research

the volcano i have to do is bear butte

Reference each piece of information you provide. As an example: Last ruptured in May of 1965 (McBurnett and Savage, 2017). Refer to the link for further details. You will also need to attach sheets of paper to this one for certain aspects of the homework. When you do, make sure it is clearly marked what question that particular paper represents. You must turn in this sheet with the answers composed on it, plus all supporting material in appropriate order to be accepted. The reference sheet should be your last piece of paper. This homework is in word format to enable you to download and type the answers in the places provided if you wish for neatness. Do not use Wikipedia for any references.

Volcano Name:__________________________________________

1.     (1pt) Maximum Elevation: __________________________________________

2.     (1pt) Date of last eruption (if known or estimated): __________________________________________

3.     (1pt) What type of tectonic setting produced this volcano (i.e. plate boundary etc.): __________________________________________

4.     (1pt) Type of Volcano: __________________________________________

5.     (1pt) Type of lava it erupts: __________________________________________

6.     (1pt) What temperature range is associated with the lava type from #6:__________________________________________

7.     (1pt) Typs of eruptions the volcano produces: __________________________________________

8.     (1pt) Is the volcano high or low silicate material: __________________________________________

9.     (1pt) What is the distance to the nearest population center from the volcano (provide image with supporting data): __________________________________________

10.  (5pts) Explain on a separate sheet of paper the geologic processes that are responsible for the volcano as if I know absolutely nothing about volcanism. This should be a 4-5 sentence long paragraph explaining the proper plate and geographic names as required.

11.  (3pts) Create or obtain an Index map showing the volcano’s location and the plate boundary responsible. Provide appropriate arrow and/or markers with labeling for the geologic phenomena and the political boundaries.

12.  (1pt) Provide a photo of the Volcano from the ground.

13.  (2pts) Are there any particular hazards associated with the volcanism, gases, mudflows, etc.

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