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Genes Origins

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1. A human genome is composed of four molecules A C G T. Everyone of the 37 trillion cells of our body contains 3 billion of these genomes that know what their job is and contain information of how body is composed of. We can sequence read and interpret the genome as a language as code or a story in a book. A disease is like a missing word or letter in this book. There are types of genomes that can tolerate the change but some genomes can’t work even if a protein sequence is disturbed. There are techniques that can tell about the whole genome sequences in families. Alisha Holloway studied the heart defect called as cardiac myopathy that is inherited genetically. 900 million of short string letters were sequenced for the first time in human history. To find the treatment, candidates are being observed and tested in the labs. The scientists take a skin cell and turn into stem cell of any part of the body. Similarly heart cells are formed. The healthy heart cells are compared with the defected heart cells and are use to correct the defected sequences by using genetic engineering.

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