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Generational Differences in Personality

Generational Differences in Personality

The assignment is a report of a laboratory activity which requires you to give comparison of stages of the life cycle on a specific behaviour, compilation of group data and interpretation, and critically evaluating and integrating information in prescribed journal articles.

The report should include: an abstract; a review and critical evaluation of the literature; the presentation of hypotheses; an appropriate description of method; an appropriate description of results and the analysis of data; the discussion of the data and careful drawing of conclusions and critical evaluation of the study; identification of strengths and limitations.

Please refer to my previous Order History to see how a Research Report needs to be written and presented. I have included a list of Core References that need to be used and please find other relevant references to the topic also. Please ensure the paper is written in the correct format and without any irrelevant references or sentences, as I have found in previous papers. Random general comments about experiments or research should be avoided – please only include information that is strictly relevant to this topic. Please make sure the writer is familiar with how a Psychology research report should be written and presented. As a repeat customer, I appreciate the paper being written as accurately as possible. Thanks.

The RESULTS for the report are also attached – please ensure the writer is also familiar with and understands SPSS (a statistics program) so they can analyze and understand the attached results to write about in the report. (attached in a powerpoint and a pdf).

3 core references are attached as a pdf, the 4th core reference is

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