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FNU Nursing Theory Scholarly Paper assignment

SCHOLARLY PAPER (35% of final grade)

DUE DATE: March 16th, 2019

GUIDELINES: Each STUDENT will hand in one formal paper about a nursing theory. The paper is to be a five to six (5-6) pages total (double-spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins).

Follow APA guidelines for a cover sheet, headers, pagination, references, etc.

Use APA format and label each section using the evaluation outline below.

The criteria guidelines below will be used to evaluate your paper.

Components of the Paper and possible points




• Identification of theorist including a brief background of the

theorist(accomplishments, career, accolades, research efforts)


Analysis of basic components/concepts and major relationships in the theory.

  • Briefly discuss the theory’s core concepts
  • Use at least two peer-reviewed/research articles that detail the nursing theory being applied in clinical practice, and summarize key findings of both articles
  • Use another secondary source like your text that covers the selected nursing theory, you must have a minimum of 3 references from nursing literature (only one from a non-article source like a secondary source/text) to support your discussion in this section.




  • Personal relevance if any of the author described (connect the theorist to the theory)
  • Relevance to healthcare and the client discussed (connect the theory to healthcare today)
  • Application to research and/or

practice provided (connect the theory to current research/practice)


• Include theory strengths and

limitation in the summary



• Precise APA style and professional writing



Attached Files:

This sample paper is meant to serve as an example of how your own paper should be constructed and what contents it should contain. Please review it closely and be sure that your paper has similar components and reflects the same ideas.

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