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Financial Project Assignment: Developing a Budget

**Healthcare Financial Management Course**

The final project will require that you develop a yearly budget for a healthcare organization. You will be given the required elements to include, but you can also include additional elements as you see fit. Students can complete the final project in one of two methods. The first is to conduct an interview with someone in a healthcare organization that is responsible for developing a budget for approval, and the second method involves developing your annual budget from the information in Chapter 16 using the elements from table 16-6.

Option 1
If you plan to conduct an interview, plan ahead for contacting potential candidates. Develop a script ahead of time to help explain your purpose, time required for the interview, and interview questions. Make sure the individual knows you are a student completing a final project in a healthcare finance course and all their information will not be made public and/or figures and names slightly changed to assure privacy. The goals are to learn about their process, strategies and goals, and not so much exact figures. Numbers do not have much value if the manager does not provide meaning, purpose and goals to the financial process.

Option 2
If you choose to complete the final project by using the textbook examples and information in Chapter 16 you will need to include all the budget categories in table 16-6. ****You may not use the financial information in table 16-6. This would mean a zero on the project. ****

Your project should be formatted according to APA standard with:
1. Cover page, listing your name, instructor’s name, assignment name and date
2. 12 point font
3. Double spaced
4. No running header required
5. Reference page

Review the attached requirements for the LP09.2 Final Project.

To meet the System Research Requirements for NAU, the paper must be ***2500+ words**** written in APA style. A reference list is required. This paper will be graded by the HA4200 Financial Project Rubric.

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