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Family Nurse Practitioner

Role Paper Grading Rubric

Area of Focus Points Possible Points Earned
1. Introduction
– Presented purpose of paper 2
– Identified specific topics to be discussed in an introduction 2
2. Identified a specific APN role after graduation and validated purpose for selecting this role. 10
3. Briefly discussed history of the APN role selected 6
4. Discussed the events that supported the development of this specific APN role. 10
5. Presented your personal philosophy of nursing for the APN role. 15
6. Discussed a personal vision for advanced practice in this specific APN role area AND one needed personal change to implement this vision. 10
7. Discussed one needed change at the national level and one needed change at the state level to achieve your personal vision. 10
8. Discussed three specific individual actions that can advance your personal vision. 15
9. APA format/Maximum length 5 pages (body of paper) excluding title page, abstract and reference page. 10
10. Used correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, etc. Correctly cites all references and used no more than one short quote. 10

Total Points Earned = _________

*Please follow the rubric closely.

*The answer to question number 2 is Family Nurse Practitioner

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