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Epic computer system

I can understand and agree what you are saying. Today, I started self-module training for the new Epic computer system we will be starting effective March 1st and barely passed the exam portion which didn’t have me so thrilled. Although this would be a great upgrade to what we are currently using, many of us worry about the adjustment phase. Yes, it’s true there is little energy or drive for energy left when working 12+ hour shifts, let alone any extra time in those shifts to even think about learning as we go along with the idea of being at work longer than scheduled because of that. While many of the nurses are excited about the change, there are those who are so accustomed to the current processes that they are not up for it. When the transition from paper to computers occured at my previous workplace, many quit because of the failure to adapt or energy/drive to adapt. This could also be the result of inadequate training and support. But yes, I agree that we just need to dig down, stay positive, find that energy for change because times are changing and evolving and most things are implemented for the better. As long as education, training, and support is adequate, change is attainable.

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