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Epic computer system

I really like how your first thought was about how it would benefit a patient. That really goes to show that your first instinct as a nurse is to put your patient first. You then mention checking the scope of practice for your board of nursing. Really those two things are one in the same, as your states scope of practice, and really all the rules of the state board of nursing for practicing nurses, are specifically written to ensure that what you are doing as a nurse will do no harm to your patient, and let us not forget it is to also ensure you are practicing within the rules as well. I also like that mentioned if you felt uneasy you would seek guidance from your chain of command. This is a great use of resources, and I would say that even if you fell 100% confident that you could definitely still reach out to your chain of command for their thoughts and use as a resource throughout the roll out process. Sometimes as nurses we can get caught up as A type personalities and just get running on a task without even taking the time to ask a question, or get some input from other parties that have a lot more experience with these things. What I have learned from all the posts on this discussion is that I should do a little more self assessment, and ask for input from peers and mentors before diving into a task this large

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