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Environmental movement debate, environmental science homework help

Many people associate April 22, 1970, to be the start of the environmental movement, it was the first Earth Day.
There are others who believe 1962’s publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was the beginning of the campaign.
Still, others seem to think it was the first meeting of the Sierra Club in May of 1892.
There were many people involved in the start of the environmental movement. To me, these two men stand out the most. John Muir (1838-1914) who published Our National Parks in 1901. There was also Gifford Pinchot (1865-1946) who is said to be the first person in the United States trained in forestry.
1963: Clean Air Act.
1964: Wilderness Act.
1965: Water Quality Act.
1968: Wild and Scenic Rivers Act,
National Scenic Trails Act.
1970: National Environmental Policy Act.
1970: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
1972: Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act.
1973: Endangered Species Act.
1976: Toxic Substances Control Act.
1980: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act.
1980: Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.
1990: Clean Air Act. Revised.
One government agency that arose was in 1970 known as the EPA. The purpose of the EPA is to protect and enhance the environment not only for our generation but future generations as well.
I believe that profit, greed, and selfishness are major reasons why these issues are up for debate. People no longer seem to care as much about preserving the environment as they do about turning a profit. It seems to me when enough money is involved laws and acts seem to take a backseat to personal want and gains.

Reply to this debate using APA format and citation. 75 word c

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