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Enviromental Science

1.This question should be addressed to Timothy Rollet

E-waste is a big problem for a host of reasons. The one I am choosing to focus on is sheer volume. Estimates from one study projected e-waste have the same mass as 200 empire state buildings (Martin & Harris, 2017). It I important to remember that e-waste is not limited to computers and cellphones, but larger appliances like televisions and refrigerators. As an unintended consequence of rapid progress in the technology industry, technologies also become inefficient or obsolete are a lightning pace. Fortunately, many of these products are manufactured with gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and other precious or semiprecious metals and alloys. For this reason, many processes are already in place to recycle electronics for these materials (Yumi, Hyunhee & Yul, 2018). Unfortunately, this does not keep all the material from eventually finding its way to the landfill, and the process to harvest these materials come with their own added environmental risks. As for the old refrigerator that truly has little to offer in terms of recyclable technology, it will likely just occupy a lot of real-estate in a nearby dump.

As for me, I have already made at least one contribution to solving this problem. I have an old refrigerator that no longer refrigerates, and the space it occupies is begging to be used for any other purpose. What archaic does still offer, however, is several sturdy shelves and an air tight seal. What it has now become is a pest proof dry goods container. As I run out of space in my kitchen pantry, it allows me to keep dry goods that are not protected like canned goods in my garage, and I have no fear of them attracting unwelcome dinner guests. The airtight seal also keeps bread fresher longer.

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E-waste represents a considerable challenge in our economy ( Martin, Harris, 2017). This author states, According to the Global Electronic Recycling Market Report by 2019, it will be a $41.36 billion industry, and in volume, the market is said to reach 141.05 million, tons by 2019; electronics industries need to think about reducing waste, refurbishing, reusing, and recycling ( Martin, Harris, 2017). Keeping in view the various adverse effects of e-waste on health and environment, an urgent need for remediation of pollutants known for having e-waste using sustainable methods ( Bhattacharya, & Khare, 2016 ). There are many different makes and models across the entire electronics spectrum. Somethings to consider when you decide to depose of your electronics, one is getting to know the person that you are entrusting your old electronics too. I say this simply because even though it does not work someone with the skills can obtain and steal your data from it. Two I think you should have a real plan to dispose of your old electronics. By doing these two things the environment and your data will be secure. Walmart has a place where you can depose of your old cellphones.

I used my old laptop as a media center. I connected my old laptop to my television with the HDMI cord and this is how I stream movies, T.V. show, and music video. I downloaded all of the apps to the laptop instead of going out and spending money or media player, such as Amazon’s firestick.

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