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effect of treatment on symptoms        


I. “My Ailment” and Its Symptoms. (6 pts)

A. Identify my ailment: Cervical Cancer

B. Define my ailment ( www.mysource1.org ). NO quotes – paraphrase. Cancer occurring in the cervix

C. Symptoms of my ailment (www.scientificsource.org)

1. symptom #1 Vaginal Bleeding

2. symptom #2 Pelvic Pain

3. symptom #3 Vaginal Discharge

II. The Main Cause(s), Known Genes, and Risk Factors of “My Ailment.”  (10 pts)

A.  First, list the body part (or system, such as immune system) affected by ailment, and its function ( your sources here, such as www.samplesource.gov )

The cervix is affected, functions overall as passage between the uterus and vagina.

1.  list the normal function(s)

2.  list how the ailment changes the normal function(s)

B.  list the principle cause(s) or theories, including any Known Genes, and any known contributing Risk Factors of the ailment. (your sources here, such as www.infoonmyailment.org).  If genes or risk factors are not identified for your ailment, be sure to state that.

1.  cause or theory #1 Genes, family history

a. known genes

b.  known risk factors

c. known other

2.  cause or theory #2 HPV, specifically genital HPV results in cervical cancer

a. known genes

b. known risk factors

c. known other

3 .  cause or theory #3 Birth Control pills

III.  How “My Ailment” is Diagnosed (6 pts) – examples could include the following:

A. (example): Physical exam (your www.asamplesource.gov,  www.anothersource.org )

1. list the procedures of a physical exam, Personnel and family medical history, pelvic examination, pap test

2.  how procedures diagnose your Ailment If Pap test is abnormal further test are done to diagnose (Colposcopy, Cervical biopsies, etc.)

B.  (example):. Body scanning (www.anotherexamplesource.gov)

1.  example – x-rays using this equipment

a.  x-ray this body part(s) Chest X-ray, CT scan are for checking if cancer has spread further

b.   list the procedures of an x-ray

c.  how an x-ray diagnoses your Ailment

2.  example – MRI’s using this equipment (www.anothersource.gov)

a.  MRI of this body part(s)

b.   list the procedures of the MRI

c.  how the MRI diagnoses your Ailment

3. (example):  Blood Tests (www.asamplesource.gov, www.anothersource.org)

a.  test/assay blood specific components – why these components?

b.  identify normal range or levels

c.  identify abnormal range or levels that diagnose my ailment, why?

4.  other examples etc.


IV. Main Treatment(s) for “My Ailment.”  (6 pts) – be sure to name specific drug treatments

A.  Treatment Option 1 (www.fourthpossiblesource.org) Cryosurgery, Laser surgery, Conization

1. effect of treatment on body part or disease (e.g., Drug “A” eliminates bacteria)

Destroy cervical tissue that’s affected with cold metal, or laser

2.  effect of treatment on symptoms (e.g., swelling is reduced)

B.  Treatment Option 2 (www.asamplesource.edu, www.anothersource.org) Hysterectomy

1.  effect of treatment on body part

2.  effect of treatment on symptoms

C. Non-medical treatments, etc. Radiation/Chemotherapy         

V. Two Examples of Current Experimental Research on “My Ailment.” (8 pts) –hint – descriptions of organizations that perform or simply collect information about research studies or about patients are not suitable examples.

A.  Current Experimental Research #1 on my Topic – Example 1 explained. (www.source.edu)Improvement in cancer detections and screening methods

B.  Current Experimental Research #2 on my Topic – Example 2 explained. (www.source.gov)

HPV prevention, HPV vaccines prevent infections.

Immunotherapy, increase the body’s immune system to fight cancer with vaccines are recognize cancerous cells to destroy them

VI.  References in alphabetized, proper format (see instructions, below).  Use at least 4 sources.

Our textbook




What Are the Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer?

Retrieved September 10, 2017


Cervical Cancer: Latest Research. (2017, September 25)

Retrieved September 25, 2017


NIH Fact Sheets- Cervical Cancer

Retrieved September 25, 2017


The final submission must be written in paragraph form, using the main headers (My Ailment and its Symptoms, Main Causes, How my Ailment is Diagnosed, Main Treatments, Research Examples) from the Outline to organize your content.  The paper must contain the content of the Outline.  Completeness is critical in writing responses to the assignment questions.

How Detailed do I need to be?

When you make a statement in your paper, this statement must be supported with fact.

For example, in the Causes section, if your ailment is caused by genes, or if genes raise the risk of the ailment, you must include these known genes.  Further, if other known risk factors exist, include these risk factors for full credit.  These risk factors must be explained, e.g., why is estrogen a risk factor for breast cancer?

In the Diagnosis section, simply writing, My ailment is diagnosed by X-rays provides insufficient detail for full credit.  Instead, you could write My ailment is diagnosed by X-Rays, which create images of the diseased area by (briefly describe procedure here).  This shows that…..   As a second Diagnosis example, blood tests used to diagnose your ailment must be identified by name, and supporting details would describe the procedure and how the test specifically identifies your ailment – e.g., why would those particular blood components be important to test to diagnose your Ailment?

In the Treatment section, if specific drugs are used to treat your ailment, you must identify the drugs and explain how these drugs are thought to eliminate or improve the ailment or its symptoms. Other non-drug supporting treatments, such as physical therapy, nutritional counseling, etc. should be included.

For full credit in the Current Research section, be sure to identify experimental research – summaries of organizations that conduct research do not fulfill the requirement of this section.  For example, there may be a new drug under investigation, or currently in Trials.

Recognize that some internet sources provide little detail.   To find supporting information, dig deeper than your original source in order to earn the best grade on this assignment.


What is a Reference Section?

First, what is a reference?  References are to science class as footnotes are to English class. The sources that you use to obtain information for your paper, such as www.ashamplesource.gov, are called references in science writings.  Your references (=sources) can be obtained from the internet, or from printed publications.

In English class, your sources of information are listed in a bibliography located at the end of your paper.  In a science paper, your sources are listed in what’s called a Reference Section, located at the end of your paper.  Your sources should be listed in a specific format, and in alphabetical order.

For your assignment, you must use a minimum of four publications as references. You must also “cite” your sources – that means, you need to identify your sources following the sentence that uses information from that source.


You must use appropriate format (refer back to the instructions, above):

● paragraph format

● main section headers (specified on Lines I-VI from Sample Outline, above)

● citations (properly formatted, use full urls)

● a Reference section with at least 4 appropriate references (alphabetized)

● supporting details for each fact

● 3-5 pages, double-spaced, plus Reference section

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