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EEG recordings of human brain activity provide all the following information,EXCEPT?

Which of the following statements is consistent with how a behavioral neuroscientist (physiological psychologist, biopsychologist) would solve the mind-body problem?

A ) The mind is a product produced by the operations of the nervous system.
B ) The body can influence the mind through the actions of the pineal gland.
C ) The mind is spiritual, while the body is made from matter.
D ) The mind can exist apart from the body
E ) The body is physical, but the mind is not.

2. The key property of addictive drugs relates to

A ) their ability to inhibit dopamine in brain.
B ) the withdrawal that follows termination of the drug.
C ) their reinforcing effects.
D ) their capacity to produce tolerance.
E ) their ability to rapidly produce physical dependence.

3. Behavioral Neuroscience (Biopsychology, Physiological Psychology) emphasizes that

A ) success in the neurosciences depends on cooperation among its many disciplines.
B ) the discipline of neuroscience mostly focuses on the relation between the nervous system and behavior.
C ) it comprises several subdivisions, each of which favors a different research approach.
D ) failure to follow the basic principles of scientific inquiry can lead to potentially dangerous conclusions
E ) all of the above.

4. Which is NOT an important principle of the study devoted to the biological bases of behavior (behavioral neuroscience, psychobiology, physiological psychology):

A ) The Nervous System controls and responds to body functions and directs behavior
B ) Nervous System structure and function are determined by both genes and environment throughout life
C ) Every behavior can be explained solely by reference to the brain
D ) The brain Is the foundation of the mind making learning, memory, language and other processes possible
E ) Research leads to understanding that is essential for development of therapies for Nervous System disorders

5. The main reason why Long Term Potentiation (LTP) is one of the most widely studied neuroscientific phenomena is that it

A ) involves a synaptic change similar to the synaptic change that has been hypothesized to be the basis of memory storage.
B ) can easily be studied in humans.
C ) involves readily accessible neocortical circuits
D ) occurs only in mammals.
E ) can be induced by both electrical and chemical stimulation.

6. Stages of sleep are easily distinguished by

A ) changes in respiration.
B ) the quality and quantity of dreams.
C ) changes in the electrical activity of the brain.
D ) changes in consciousness.

7. A person is asked to take part in an experiment that is examining brain areas associated with changes in verb generation and mathematical problem solving. Which of these techniques are the experimenters likely to use

A ) Computed Tomography
B ) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
C ) Electroencephalogam
D ) Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
E ) Diffusion Tensor Imaging

8. Which of the following is NOT an advantage for using non-human animals in biopsychological research:

A ) Brains of animals are less complex
B ) There are fewer ethical constraints on nonhuman animal research
C ) Models of several species makes comparative research possible
D ) They can not provide information about any human cognitive process

9. Study of the function of the living human brain is difficult for all the following reasons,EXCEPT

A ) it is unethical to induce brain damage in humans for the purpose of research.
B ) brain damage is rarely the same from case to case.
C ) it is difficult to obtain the brain of a person who has suffered brain damage.
D ) researchers have to wait for the natural death of a brain-damaged human to verify the location of the brain damage.
E ) a damaged brain gives us little information about brain structure and function in the living brain.

10. EEG recordings of human brain activity provide all the following information,EXCEPT

A ) monitoring brain function during brain surgery.
B ) diagnosis of epilepsy.
C ) study of sleep cycles.
D ) study of wakefulness.
E ) pure view of neural activity.

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