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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

Culminating Activity – Writing assignment to provide a comprehensive summary of the
– Reflect knowledge from course lessons
– Demonstrate implementation and application to classroom and program
– Demonstrate writing skills and use of APA format

Student Writing Assignment:
Please respond to the following questions/statements in one paper. Please be thorough in your
discussion. Each part should contain an introduction, main body and a conclusion /summary. Be
sure to include a title page, number pages and include course title. Writing tip: Be sure to use spell
check and grammar check and have someone proofread your paper before you submit it. (Your
paper’s combined responses should be between a minimum of ten to twelve pages in length.) Many
students find that they need to write more pages to thoroughly cover the content of the writing
assignment. That is okay!
Part 1. Each chapter is introduced with a case study. Choose two case studies, review each and
discuss ways you can apply the concepts developed in the chapter related to the case study with
the students you are teaching. (3-4 pages)
A. Case Study
B. Case Study
Part 2. Choose one of the following topics, discuss basic concepts and explain how you would
relate to these concepts to your classroom experience. (2-3 pages)
A. Classroom management
B. Instructional Strategies
C. Personal, Social and Moral Development
Part 3. Discuss the basic principles of human development and stages of cognitive
development as described in the course. How can you apply this information in your work with
students? (2-3 pages)
Reviewed on 8/28/2016 by rtg 7
Part 4. Research: Find two journal article written by two different authors that are related to
the topics in this course. Then:
(a) compare and contrast the theories (positions) presented in the articles, or
(b) interpret each article and discuss implications for your practice or
(c) write a constructive critique of each author’s conclusion (2-4 pages)

Students have one full semester to complete the written assignment. All papers should be in APA
format. You may learn more about APA style online at or in any grammar handbook,
such as: Diana Hacker’s “Rules for Writers.”

Grading will be on an A – F scale based on the thoroughness and quality of the writing

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