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EBP – PICOT question revision assignment help

Please revise below PICOT question to reflect paper attached

PICOT questions are important in summarizing research findings of a certain clinical issue. Nurses depend on PICOT to understand various concepts that affect their operations. In this case, the issue of concern is violence against nurses. Nurses working in different departments undergo various treatments especially from patient and visitors to hospitals ( Angland, Dowling, & Casey, 2014 ). To understand this concern, the PICOT question to be used is presented below


In a hospital setting (P), how does violence against emergency department nurses (I) as compared to nurses operating in other departments (C) affect their productivity (O) within a six month period (T)?


Angland, S., Dowling, M., & Casey, D. (2014). Nurses’ perceptions of the factors which cause violence and aggression in the emergency department: a qualitative study. International emergency nursing , 22 (3), 134-139.

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