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draw a blueprint of a clinical lab

part 1

If you would design a lab, what would the blueprint look like?

In this assignment you will draw a blueprint of a clinical lab that includes the following departments:

Core Lab
Blood Bank
1 manager office
1 supervisor office
1 employee breakroom
2 employee restrroms
This is a busy lab – sample volume-wise. Refer to the scenario in Part 2 of your third discussion forum for a breakdown of how this lab is staffed, what equipment is available, and other expectations of the department.

Complete this lab in ONE of the following ways:

You may simply draw the lab blueprint, labeling each section.
You may use computer-aided design, if you are familiar.
You may search for and utilize any free, online tools that allow you to draw blueprint/schematics. Here is an example: Online Blueprint Tool – Free to Try,
Make sure that your lab floorplan is designed with LEAN principles in mind. A good rule to follow is “the less steps between task, the better” or “do more, with less but without sacrificing quality”. For more information on Lean, please use this link :



part 2 :

explain how you, as the lab manager, would implement the following change using Lean Management techniques:

Your blood bank is changing methodology. You will be moving from tube testing to gel card testing for all ABO/Rh and antibody screening.

You have a few challenges:

Out of 10 full time employees, only 3 have experience with gel methodology. Each of these 3 employees work on difference shifts.
The lab director wants you to go live with this implementation 4 weeks from the date when the gel stations are installed in the blood bank.
You testing volume is extremely large. Per 8 hour shift, the lab easily completes an average of 50 type and screens.
You have two employees who are extremely negative about this change.
You also have a few benefits:

The lab manager will approve overtime for your staff.
The instrument purchase contract provides training for staff between the hours of 8 and 4, Monday through Friday.
Most of your staff is excited about moving to this methodology.

In this discussion post, state steps that you will take to ensure that this implementation is smooth and happens by the expected deadline for go live. Address the following in your discussion :

How you will engage the staff?
A weekly plan of steps to be completed prior to go live.
Communication strategies with the staff and lab management.
Steps taken to mitigate potential problems that may arise during this 4 week period.
Your role in this process. How will you make this implementation smooth and ensure that patient care is your top priority?

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