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discussion – revenue cycle and current account management in healthcare

The revenue cycle in the healthcare industry is unique considering the interaction between provider, payer, and patient. Add on top of this the ongoing confluence of factors surrounding the transition to ICD-10, price transparency, consumerism, and various reimbursement structures (e.g., fee for service (FFS), bundled payments, value based purchasing, risk based/capitated) and you have an extremely complicated revenue model. On the flip side of this coin, we also contend with a robust procurement chain with hundreds of thousands of end items required to service any modern acute care facility.

For this discussion, do the following:

  • Locate at least one online resource (a link, article, or book, for example) pertaining to the healthcare revenue cycle or working capital management process.
  • In your discussion, examine the content and then share the resource (post your resource and use APA style). Summarize the resource(s) and what you find useful about it.

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