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Discussion response

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Lesson 4 discussion

DINIKA TAYLOR posted Feb 27, 2019 3:35 PM

At the point when the client relapse we can assume that we have already exhausted the relapse contingencies that were established on the treatment plan. At this point we need to revisit the treatment plan to see what needs to be changed to better support the client’s recovery. I will assure the client that with this disease recovery is a long process that won’t change overnight. Once relapse occurs techniques that we utilize in treatment need to get more intense. It is my responsibility to stay trained up in several areas to be able to help attack this issue in many ways. These techniques must remain separate from our normal therapy sessions this will allow me to highlight certain things that need to be addressed. In clients first session after relapse it’s important to listen to client with an open mind. While being a great active listener it’s important to identify any other areas that we can assist the client with. There may be other referrals that we can implement that would help alleviate the triggers that played a part in the relapse.

We will also set the tone with the clients to let them know that they’re not fighting this alone and I’m on their team to give this addiction a run for its money. After listening to the client, we must highlight the positive accomplishments. Any questions that we need to ask we should use a motivational interview style. In this crisis I will step out of my clinical role and listen to the clients needs. We will keep the conversation positive and not engage in any arguments. We must see their point of view and take their input into consideration when adjusting the treatment plan at this time. Thank them for their input and for participating in treatment.

If were able to educate the client that this addiction is just like a person suffering from a medical illness they will understand that we can get pass this crisis. The relapse is a sign that we need to make some adjustments to the treatment plan. It’s just a bend it’s not the end.

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Lesson 4 discussion

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Brittanie Lea posted Feb 12, 2019 4:03 PM

If I was working with a client that has relapsed and they were expressing to me that they felt like a failure and didn’t see any upside. I would say to them that if you were to look at it from a statistical way that most addicts relapse. Just because you have relapsed doesn’t make you a failure it makes you human. You might feel like you can never get clean and sober but its going to be an uphill battle and you will hit bumps and rocks in the road, but you can do it. If you just keep coming to counseling treatment all the resources, you are using you will get there. There are many people here and in the support groups that will be with you every step of the way. I would provide some education handouts or tools that could beneficial as well.

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