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Read the information, preferably twice, and make note of what you find most interesting about the reading. Perform a web search to find other writings on the ideas you found most interesting. Then, go to the discussion forums and click on the forum for Reading 2. Post your thoughts on the reading and additional material you read, sharing facts, links, etc. to support your ideas. Next, read through the discussion threads posted by others in the class and post at least one reply. Your replies should be just as substantive as your original post and may require some research. Quality posts will show careful (and specific) consideration of the issues and will treat the views of others with respect.

Logistics:        This assignment is completed entirely through the D2L website in the “Discussions” area. Post once with your analysis of the reading and once with a response to someone else’s comments. You must complete both of these posting requirements by the due date listed for the assignment to receive full credit.

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