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Discussion 6.1 Alterations in Respiratory Functioning

Discussion 6.1 Alterations in Respiratory Functioning


  • Identify common disorders of the respiratory system
  • Identify the pulmonary function across the lifespan
  • Describe the pharmacotherapy in multiple types of chronic lung disease

Discussion Overview

This discussion forum examines alterations in respiratory functioning.


Your participation in the discussion forum, including the following:

  • A response to the initial question(s)

Step 1 Read the scenario.

The treatment of asthma varies greatly across the lifespan. The treatment also will vary depending on whether the patient is experiencing symptoms acutely or chronically.

Choose an age group and decide if your patient will be experiencing acute or chronic asthma symptoms.

Step 2 Post a response to the discussion board.

In your post, describe the alterations in respiratory functioning associated with the stage you have chosen. Describe how the symptoms may impact the patient based on their age and lifestyle. List two to three medications that may be used to treat the disorder. Be sure to cite all sources used and provide a reference in the format requested by your instructor.

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