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Discuss the pathophysiology in relation to the presenting signs and symptoms.


To Writer,

Good evening! I chose a real patient with cholecytitis as my case study. I uploaded the medical progress notes  from the time she transferred to a small hospital to a bigger hospital where I received , attended and did assessment on her at the Emergency room .Blood test , xray, ultrasound, and CT scan done ( which I uploaded the result as well) .  Included in the progress notes is also patient transferred from ER to the surgical ward of the same hospital for more investigation, please include in the pharmacologic management why patient was given Ceftriaxone.  After 2 days she was then discharge from the hospital and was schedule for surgical procedure called “lap cholecystectomy”. and prescribed with medication “Augmentin Duo Forte “.

I will give you 2 case study samples from my classmates but only answer the portion with these following questions :

  1. Consider the presentation of the case, discuss the clinical assessment in relation to the presentation of the patient. The purpose of this section is to confirm or reject the primary diagnosis at presentation.
  2. Discuss the pathophysiology in relation to the presenting signs and symptoms. Critically discuss the diagnostics about the signs and symptoms, and consider any alternative presentation this condition may exhibit.
  3. Discuss the pharmacological treatment and succinctly discuss the pharmacodynamics (how drugs interact with the body) in relation to symptom relief, ongoing management, and side effects.
  4. Present and critically discuss the prioritised plan of care for the case, support your discussion with current evidence based literature.

Conclusion – outcome of the analysis


An introduction (Briefly introduce your patient) which I did already

Body of content – analyse the case study addressing the elements identified in the patient assessment outline (Please answer in question format as each question will be marked by the relevant academic)

Introduction:  (this is my introduction o my case study )

This report will be discussing a comprehensive health assessments based on patient’s presentation , the diagnosis and pathophysiology of Cholecystitis,   its prescribed medication ,  pharmacological management   ,  prioritised nursing care in relation to the diagnosis presented by    a  75 year old  female  who was brought in by ambulance from  a small rural hospital (SRH) and transferred  into a large rural hospital(LRH)   for further investigation of sudden epigastric pain located at the right upper quadrant(RUQ), abnormal abdominal X-ray findings and for CT scan. The assessment was done at LRRH Emergency Department and patient consent was obtained for the purpose of this case study to make sure that patient   is aware and agree   to the assessment being performed. The patient and hospital names have been changed in order to maintain confidentiality.

  • If you could send me the draft every time you finished one question then that would be pretty helpful so that I can check it and making sure we are on the right track.
  • Please only focus on the Cholesystitis and exclude the chest pain or any unrelated signs ex.chest pain.
  • If you have a question please feel free to ask and I will answer you as quickly as I can.

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