Discuss the effects of each parenting style on the child. | Cheap Nursing Papers

Discuss the effects of each parenting style on the child.

Write a 500-750-word paper discussing various approaches to parenting based on the information provided in the scenario. Address the following in your paper:

Discuss how a parent, using authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive parenting styles, would manage the behavior in the scenario.
Discuss the effects of each parenting style on the child.
Based on Piaget’s theory, create a parenting plan to educate parents to react appropriately to the scenario. Include the following in your parenting plan:
Discuss which parenting style is most effective in the long-term.
How can understanding the stages of child development improve a parent’s ability to interact with his/her child? Provides an example using one of Piaget’s stages. Include at least two scholarly references Meet Paul and Mary
Until recently, Paul and Mary had only one child, their son John, who is a 5-year-old boy.

But then one day Paul and Mary brought home a newborn baby sister.

John initially showed some excitement about having a new baby sister.

However, now that the newborn has come home from the hospital, John seems to be having some trouble adjusting.

John has started acting out during nap times and at bedtime.

His behavior often entails yelling, crying, and occasionally hitting the parent who is trying to tuck him in.

Before his sister, Anna, came home, John enjoyed his sleep-time rituals.

Paul or Mary would read to him from a storybook, give him his favorite stuffed elephant, and kiss him good night when tucking him in.

Now that Anna has become part of the family, John’s behavior has been extremely difficult during his sleep-time routines.

Help Paul and Mary resolve their situation.

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