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Discuss Clinical manifestations

Discussion Topic 2: Stressors and Ineffective Coping

Your instructor will assign one of the topics below. For your topic please discuss age appropriate management strategies using recent professional, evidence based guidelines (must be holistic approach-include parental/family involvement in your Discussion). Discuss the impact of your topic as the adolescent transitions to adulthood if left untreated.

Sexual Orientation and high association with Depression and Suicide

part 2

Discussion Topic 1: Mental Health Conditions

Your instructor will assign you one of the topics below. For your topic please discuss:

Risk factors
Clinical manifestations
Evidence based screening tools that are age appropriate (one for adolescent patients and one for adult patients)
Age appropriate evidence based management guideline (include pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions.
Include information on how your treatment will change based on age (adolescent versus adult patients)

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