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Describe the personnel selection assessments

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W3-8576 Assignment
Personnel Selection Process Development
The personnel selection process has several critical steps, including some that are done before the recruitment of applicants (Billikopf, 2003). They are as follows: determining the type/number of employees needed; performing a job analysis to develop a job description with specified knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs); and then prioritizing the KSAs identified. Once the preparatory work is complete, a recruitment strategy to attract an appropriate applicant pool is needed. The formal selection process is outlined to include identifying potential selection tools; preparing questions for interviews; developing a means to assess KSAs; and performing reference, background, and drug checks. In addition, the determination should be made whether a hurdle approach is to be used to successively reduce the applicant pool before finally making a selection decision.
It is at that point that the actual selection process is executed. This may include reviewing applications, checking references, and conducting interviews and tests. The final step is to evaluate the applicants relative to the criteria determined in the job analysis and make a hiring decision. This entire process must be conducted within legal and ethical guidelines while working to meet organizational objectives (Billikopf, 2003).
For this Assignment, review the job listings posted in the Human Resources department of Greenway Inc. Consider the type of personnel selection assessments you might choose based on each of the job types presented.
Develop and submit a personnel selection process document.
Your process document should do the following:
Account for all three job types presented in the media
Provide evidence of varied forms of validity by development, design, and analysis
Explain how you would include the following properties of personnel selection assessments:
Pre-employment tests
Job interview(s)
Other (drug screening, credit check, etc.)
Describe the personnel selection assessments you selected
Explain your rationale for the assessments selected based upon on their organizational benefits
Explain any ethical and legal implications of your personnel selection process and how you might address them
Include an APA reference list and appropriate APA citations
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