Describe how the service fits the needs of patients in your hospital | Cheap Nursing Papers

Describe how the service fits the needs of patients in your hospital

How to perform service line analysis / feasibility study ;-
Identify a service line for a specific (real life) health care organization, in a specific geographic area. MHA students need to engage in this assignment as a “real life” analysis, documentation preparation, and presentation to the board of directors, executive committee of the board, or shareholders. points will be identified in each of the three (3) sections below. Your peers in class (board members, executive committee members, shareholders) will anonymously vote on your decision per attached form.
Market Analysis 
Provide a complete description of proposed clinical service
Describe how the service fits the needs of patients in your hospital
Assess industry trends
Evaluating defined market area and the demand for service
Complete a competitive analysis of similar programs in the market place
Review existing programs and services offered by the health care organization that could serve as complementary components of a new packaged service line, expansion, or deletion
Identify key stakeholders
Provide a vision definition to determine next steps relative to the development and implementation of the service line
Develop a written report summarizing each of the items listed above and next steps for the service line development
Financial Analysis 
Evaluate resources currently available or required for implementation and maintenance
Obtaining capital and cost of capital (Debt/Equity Financing)
Number of full time equivalents (FTEs) based on hours of operation (shifts? 24 hours?)
Cost of staff, benefits
Is training needed? Recruitment?
Medical and other supplies
Space and square footage (Construction if needed)
Externalities to other service line (Impact)
Overhead allocation
Volume and Price
Payer mix
Phased growth and expenses
Projected cash flow (time value analysis)
Depreciation and life of asset
Payback period
Other related financial analysis

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