Define “anatomy” and “physiology.” | Cheap Nursing Papers

Define “anatomy” and “physiology.” 

First complete the tutorials linked on your home page:

Introductory Anatomy and Physiology and Basic Chemistry and Cells, Tissues, Skin, and Body Membranes.

Be sure to read through the linked images and definitions on each page of the tutorial.

Use the information and interactive exercises to answer the following questions:

I. From the Module Overview page: How did early anatomists study Human Anatomy? Define “anatomy” and “physiology.”  Include a sentence that explains how these disciplines are different, and how they are interrelated.

II. From Introductory Anatomy and Physiology and Basic Chemistry tutorial: List four things that you learned about the human body that you did not previously know.  Use complete sentences and include the pages in the tutorial on which you found the information.

III. Define Homeostasis. Now complete this tutorial on Acne provided by Medline: And answer the following questions using the information in the tutorial: According to the tutorial section on “Anatomy,” what is a pilosebaceous gland? What is acne a result of according to the tutorial section on “Acne”? What treatments does this tutorial recommend?

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