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DB Reply to Zachary Coane Week 7

DB Reply to Zachary Coane Week 7

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Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by sharing ideas for how shortcomings discovered in their evaluations and/or their examples of incivility could have been managed more effectively.






On the Work Environment Assessment, I scored an 83, which determines a moderately healthy work environment (Clark, 2015).  Based on these results, my workplace would be an example of a civil work environment, but there are factors that create tensions that lead to problems.   Although I do enjoy my workplace and am proud of the care that I and my team deliver, there are several problems that need to be addressed.  For example, based on the work environment assessment, a key contributor to a decreased score was the lack of opportunities for promotions and career advancement.  Many nurses and staff members at my hospital share this feeling, which has been voiced to management many times.  This factor is one of the main reasons I have found myself going back to school for a master’s degree, as I did not see any other opportunities to grow at my facility.  While this is not the sole problem at my facility, it does decrease staff morale as they feel they cannot grow in their positions. 

Nurses are ethically and morally responsible for the safety of their patients “by fostering healthy work environments and cultures of civility” (Clark, 2018).  It is important to recognize that negative work environments can lead to negative patient outcomes.  An example of this that I have seen in my work as a pediatric psychiatric nurse has been when two behavioral health specialists who did not get along worked in the same hallway together.  The two staff members began to argue, which soon turned into yelling.  My manager at this time pulled the two aside and they were able to find a solution to their problem.  While this was a positive outcome for staffing purposes, it did lead to negative patient outcomes as a six-year-old, who began yelling at other patients, stated that if a staff member could yell then so could they.  This was a great learning opportunity for our staff members, as they are sometimes unaware of how their negative actions can lead to negative patient outcomes. 

A positive contributor to the civility level of my facility is that our inpatient units practice team nursing, which I find delivers optimal patient outcomes while in a milieu.   Teamwork is essential and can lead to improved patient outcomes, as well as job satisfaction (Walden University, LLC., 2009).  While I have considered finding other jobs, the teamwork that is exhibited at my facility is the driving force for its civility.  By continuing to promote teamwork and being aware of how the civility of a hospital can affect patient outcomes, we can do what is best for our staff members to ultimately provide better care for our patients. 



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