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DB Reply to Makolo Makolo Week 5

DB Reply to Makolo Makolo Week 5

This is a DB reply. I do not need a header or title page. Thank you so much!



Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by making recommendations for how they might strengthen the leadership behaviors profiled in their StrengthsFinder assessment, or by commenting on lessons to be learned from the results that can be applied to personal leadership philosophies and behaviors.






            The StrengthsFinder evaluation described five central themes that demystify my leadership. One of the themes described in the theme signature report is the aspect of having a sense of adaptability as a leader. Based on this assessment, a provider with a sense of adaptability focuses on progressive and constant organizational and personal achievement while seeking a sense of balance and working on each clinical task one at a time (Rath, 2022, pp. 24–28). The report further highlighted the theme of being a relator. The StrengthsFinder report explains that as a relational leader, I take strive to nurture relationships by cultivating the correct attitude while around colleagues, family, and acquaintances. Also, I take psychological accountability for anything I commit to and follow through to ensure the successful management of relationships (Smith et al., 2020). The third theme explores the concept of cultivating empathy. In this theme, the assessment unveils that I have intuitive leverage to understand the feelings and emotions of others at a deeper level. I further have a passion for establishing areas of agreement and striving to find common ground in the face of conflicts.

            The fourth theme explores the aspect of being a competitive leader. As a competitive leader, I take control of personal life and work-related processes while working towards individual and corporate improvement in terms of performance (Rath, 2019, pp. 20–26). As such, I enjoy managing different complex variables and creating alignments and realignments that result in the most productive ventures and plans. The last theme explores the aspect of being an includer. Based on this assessment, as an inclusive-focused leader, I accept and include providers who feel left out in my clinical team to create empowered clinical teams in the facility (Marshall & Broome, 2021, pp. 182–211).

Areas to strengthen 

Core Values

            One of the core values that I would place into consideration for improvement is the aspect of being an innovative achiever. The concept of becoming an effective achiever as a leader is under the domain of executing daily responsibilities in the StrengthsFinder assessment report (Rath, 2022, pp. 24–28). As a healthcare provider in a mental health facility, I’m faced with constant and daily stressors such as violent altercations with patients. Dealing with these incidents requires an innovative approach to de-escalate violent encounters between nurse-patient interactions. I’ve learned that I need to improve my innovative skills to develop new approaches to deal with violence and other workplace challenges for more productive healthcare. In addition, these stressful encounters can water down any grain of positivity among providers. In my facility, some of the patients are battling multifactorial medical conditions besides their mental state. I plan to enhance my concept of positivity to provide such individuals with more empathetic and individualized care.


            I would like to improve the element of communication that is categorized under the influencing domain of the StrengthsFinder assessment (Gallup, 2018, pp. 34–40). Studies by Watson et al. (2022) show that proficient communication is regarded as bidirectional, especially in healthcare settings. As such, patients need to inform nurses regarding their healthcare needs and priorities, and nurses need to understand and translate the conveyed information so that correct diagnosis and treatment can be made. I need to improve on this element to facilitate more accurate diagnosis and suppress the cases of medication errors in my facility. The second strength that needs to be improved it’s the element of focus. The aspect of focus is categorized under the execution domain of the StrengthsFinder assessment. The provision of evidence-based care is centered on fulfilling patients’ needs and focusing on better outcomes. In general, organizational and personal outcomes empower providers to compare their output and performance and learn from each other. It is such an outcome-centered focus that I would like to develop for better organizational outcomes.


            Patience is the first prime attribute that I would like to improve. Patience is classified under self-assurance in the docket of influence, as described by Rath (2022). In my healthcare facility, I’ve met patients who won’t adhere to prescriptions and recommendations. Swisher (2018) argues that as a virtue, the element of patience determines the quality-of-care provision by 50%. At the current upsurge of COVID-19, the healthcare environment is chaotic, and healthcare providers are bound to lose their cool once in a while. I’m focused on improving the virtue of patience to better comprehend and determine the correct path when faced with complex healthcare scenarios. I would further focus on improving the aspect of being approachable. The concept of being approachable is discussed under the docket of connectedness and relationship building in the StrengthsFinder assessment. As such, being approachable is a classic strength in building interprofessional teams in healthcare. I plan to build this strength attribute to enhance my interactive presence to both colleagues and patients alike.

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