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Data Collection Phase of the Project Cycle Short Essay

1. Read the following article assigned to your group ( Group 3: “A Qualitative Study of Barriers to Accessing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Disabled People in Malawi”).

2. Read it thoroughly, identifying the main concepts explored during the class, such as vulnerability, cultural competency and others related.

3. Write a short essay (1,000 words max. Plus references, double space) answering the following questions:

  • Having learned about the research cycle (design, data collection, implementation, and evaluation), identify and explain the phase of the project cycle in which your article is focused on.
  • How is culturally relevant information incorporated in this case? Use chapter 11 in Edberg as reference for this question.
  • How are the principles of cultural competency studied in Module 1 and Chapter 12 in Edberg’s book expressed in this case? Explain.
  • Properly cite and annex your references using APA. Power points do not need to be cited.

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