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Darwin and the Galapagos Islands

Complete the following activities by accessing the Mastering Biology Interactive Media link:Activity: Darwin and the Galapagos IslandsActivity: The Voyage of the Beagle: Darwin’s Trip Around the WorldMP3 Tutor: Natural SelectionBioFlix: Mechanisms of EvolutionDevelopa 5- to 10-minute presentation accompanied 7-10 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that describes Darwin’s mechanism of evolution by natural selection.For Local Campus students, these are oral presentations accompanied by PowerPoint presentations.For Online and Directed Study students, these are PowerPoint presentations with notes.Include the following points in your presentation:An explanation of Darwin’s assumptions and inferences based on his major observations.An example of how natural selection may have worked in a population (for example, moth in New England, drug-resistant bacteria, giraffes, finches in the Galapagos Islands, or another species you select)An explanation of how adaptations help species survive such as mimicry and camouflage. Give examples of several adaptations and explain how they enhance survival of the species.Describe the four types of evidence to support Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Provide two examples in your explanation.Cite at least 3 references from academic journals found in the university’s library. Citations may be placed in the notes section.Include detailed notes for a total of 350-700 wordsInclude supporting visual aids such as graphs, diagrams and photosInclude Introductory and Summary SlidesInclude a reference slide in APA format

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