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Crohn’s Disease Paper

I am a nursing student who is currently doing clinical rotations. I recently had a patient who has worsening kidney function. Being a student, I am only able to do so much for patients. During my time with this patient, I administered medications with my instructor, performed a head-to-toe assessment, and watch his fluid intake because he was on a fluid restriction diet.

PLEASE help me with writing a paper regarding this patient. I need a 5-6 page paper with the following things included.FILLER TEXT

Section 1

FILLER TEXTPick a client that you worked with during clinical and describe what you did for that client (assessments and interventions).  If you were unable to do some of the cares but were aware of nursing and medical interventions that were in place please include these in this section also. It is ok to speak in the first person for this section of the paper.

Section 2

Write about your client’s primary or most pertinent pathophysiological process that affected their care using at least two scholarly resources.  (See additional page included with this explanation)

Section 3

Research best practice standards of nursing care for your client’s pathophysiological process or specific nursing needs/skills being performed.  Explain these standards of nursing practice and/or research sources that describe how to best provide care for your patient.  Areas covered should include expected assessment findings, nursing interventions, expected outcomes, and health promotion activities related to the specific condition or health need. Please use at least twoscholarly resources to demonstrate where you obtained this information.

Written assignment guidelines

1. Make use of the Cinahl and LIRN databases to obtain information for this paper. FILLER TEXT

2. Use APA formatting for this paper. FILLER TEXT

3. This paper should be from 5-6 pages long, typed and double-spaced.  The length does not include the title page or reference page.

4. Overall the paper should include at least tworeferences.  Must have at least 2 references that are obtained from journal articles.

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