Crazy eights is a type of game played by children using playing cards. | Cheap Nursing Papers

Crazy eights is a type of game played by children using playing cards.

Based on this game thesis, write a introduction and bibliography.
Answer every questions.

Topic of Study
Crazy eights is a type of game played by children using playing cards. I will use it to study information processing in children’s working memory since the children has to remember the game rules, cards they are holding in their hands and those that have been played already.
Social Relevancy of the Study
Working memory is important as it is a cause of several common concerns teachers have about children’s behavior in class. Normally, teachers and parents never make the connection that part of the problem is caused by working memory(Maehler&Schuchardt, 2016). Some things such as daydreaming and failing to attend to an assignment or task during an ongoing class session can be caused by a full working memory. In particular, if the brain capacity cannot hold any extra information, a child attention declines and following along become difficult.
A study by researchers from Japan showed that working memory can be trained effective. They found that IQ scores for 12% of eight year old participants increased with children that had lower score prior the study making the greatest gain (Nouchi et al., 2013). The results were confirmed by Saliminen, Strobanch and Schubert (2012) who found that to build a strong memory just require 5 to 10 minutes of practice every day for at least 8 weeks. Crazy eight is a fan and easy to game to implement in class and can assist many teachers understand each children brain capacity and detect any gain achieved.
Unsolved Problem
Using the game I intend to understand how effective the game is on working memory by evaluating the time taken to improve processing of information especially in children with poor attention in class.

Please write a 400 words (double spaced, 12 point font)
Introduction and Bibliography

1. Describe the general topic of interest
a. Do not state the thesis here
b. Assume your readership is composed of professionals in Psychology who are not specialists in this area.
2. Describe what work has been done in the field
a. Provide a thorough (but not exhaustive) review of the literature that directly relates to the topic. Somewhere between 10 to 20 references is appropriate.
b. Remember the goal is to motivate the thesis and not summarize the entire field.
c. It is highly likely that someone has conducted research in your area. Do not be satisfied if a hasty web search doesn’t yield articles. You will be held accountable for knowing the literature.
d. In the event that you are struggling to find articles that address your unique combination of genres (e.g., the effects of eating PlayDough® on Attention), provide a literature review for each area.
e. Cite any statement of fact that’s not your own original idea.
3. Describe what work needs to be done, or what gaps exist in our knowledge
a. Now that you have described the work to date, what work has yet to be done?
b. What questions remain?
c. How might current theories be challenged?
d. What replications might be conducted to further test the strength of a theory?
4. Discuss how your study will fill those gaps
a. Briefly discuss how your study will satisfy the needs listed above.
b. Do not include detailed references to methodology. Only included a brief reference to your methods if they are the most important part of the study (e.g., following up on a behavioral experiment with an fMRI study).
5. State your thesis as a prediction
a. Now that your thesis is properly motivated, you can state the thesis as a single prediction (e.g., “It is predicted that….”)
b. A good thesis includes references to the independent variables, the dependent variables, the specific cognitive process being measured, and the conditions. See the Project Guidelines for an example.
6. On a separate page in this document, please include an APA style bibliography of your source.

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