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Consider the role that health information management has on preparation for tracer methodology surveys.

Part 1 – 2 pages
Instructions: This assignment involves a 3-step process. Keeping in mind what you have learned in Chapter 10 (Value-based Purchasing), submit one document in which you mention how you would address each of the points.
You are a health information management professional at Happy Hospital. Since the hospital is moving toward adopting more value-based initiatives, you are tasked with the following:
1. Nurse X and Nurse Y are confused about the sections and requirements needed in clinical documentation. They have come to you with the sections listed below. How would you educate and inform them as to what needs to be added or changed regarding what they have done thus far? What the nurses have done thus far is gather the points listed below. The document to be designed is the clinical document itself. All relevant sections should be included in this document.
Physical exams
Laboratory results
Current immunization record
2. Happy Hospital is in need of someone proficient in data analytics. What sources of data would you work with? What skills would you use to perform this job? Recommend at least one software tool that would help in performing this task.
3. Only recently has Happy Hospital introduced the Physician Quality Reporting System(PQRS) to its clinicians. Which clinicians would be considered “eligible professionals” under PQRS? List the eligible clinicians under PQRS. Also, keeping in mind the most recent PQRS requirements, what measures and sections would you include when reporting? Designing the report mainly involves including the necessary measures and sections that would be included in the report.
Be sure to cite your sources.
Note: In this assignment, you are helping the nurses gain an understanding of how to align the clinical quality care with the hospitals financial performance goals relative to VBP. To do so, you will complete each step in the assignment.
In question #1, you will explain to the nurses in your own words what VBP is and then create a check list of things to include in a clinical document to be used when reviewing clinical documents for improvement relative to VBP. You may find it helpful to get an understanding of the PQRS and complete question #3 before completing question #1. You do not have to, but it may help (maybe).
Number of Pages: 2 Pages

Academic Level: College

Paper Format: APA

Part 2

Instructions: Preparing a community health center to be come Joint Commission accredited is no small undertaking. More on, preparing dental clinics for accreditation is challenging because the Joint Commission Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Ambulatory Care (CAMAC) does not specify exactly how standards are to be interpreted for oral health programs. At first glance, it may seem that many of the standards do not apply to dental, however, most Joint Commission ambulatory care standards do in fact apply to dental clinics.
Complete Tracer Methodology Case Study(5.8) in ” HIM Case Studies” by Diana Foley in Domain 5 on page 235. (paragraph minimum)
1. Consider the role that health information management has on preparation for tracer methodology surveys.
2. Determine at least three ways that HIM can assist in tracer preparation.

Number of Pages: 1 Page
Academic Level: College

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