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Complete DQ below

Answer question below between 170-200 words use the course strategy guide to answer the question.

1.) The BSHA program is comprehensive and will provide the students with knowledge of the concepts required to navigate the healthcare landscape. When you selected this program, hopefully you were enticed by the types of courses you would be taking and intrigue surrounding the industry. What questions do you have regarding the BSHA program related to the program description or any of the information in the weekly overview?

How does the program description compare to other program descriptions for the healthcare administration program?

2.) Read the Course Strategy Guide and write your thoughts.? (170- 200 words)

3.) Week 1 will provide you a review of everything that you will learn in this class. I encourage you to look forward to learning all aspects of health care administration in the program and this course is the first step in that journey. Ranging from management, finance, legal and ethical parameters, risk and quality management, human resources, and information systems. This class shows you the business associated with being a leader of a health care facility.

Given that you now know some courses require a minimum of a B grade. What are some things you can do to ensure that you meet the grade requirements of the program? (150-200 word responce)

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