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Communication Through Innovation

Prepare: For this discussion, you will read Chapter 3 of Making Strategy Count in the Human Services Sector and select a minimum of one scholarly article from the Ashford library that examines the use of technology in human service organizations (e.g., client/provider communication, use of social media, interventions using communication technology, etc.).

Reflect: As contemporary society seeks to access and capitalize on the use of innovative technologies, human service organizations find themselves working to integrate applicable modalities into the scope of service provision on multiple levels (e.g., use of technology to communicate internally, apply technology to client engagement, etc.). For this discussion, you will consider the role of communicaton within human service organizations and apply your understanding of how pertinent technologies have changed the
landscape of interaction. Consider the critical issues that relate to the use of technology as identified in your readings.

Write: First, you will explain the essential features and significance of two distinct electronic communication methods identified in your scholarly article(s). Next, you will compare and contrast each method in terms of their individual benefits and limitations as they pertain to meeting the needs of the client group. Finally, discuss the implications of these methods in terms of how they contribute to organizational strategy within a human service organization.

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